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Were you around when Harley’s eye-catching and uniqueT-tail “pitcheron” sloper was featured in the Nov. ’89 issue of Model Aviation? It’s in MA’s archives to review, but forget the old. A new version, ORCA 2012, more eye-catching, faster and more fun than ever to fly, is ready to take you to new adventures on the slope.


With its new wing, not only is the 2012 capable of more extreme maneuvers, it has frequently topped 150 MPH on the Great Planes RealFlight6.5 simulator and occasionally. . . over 175. Yet, in light winds, it is stable, predictable and quite docile, too.  Simulator flying at magnificent sites is very realistic except that, with that magic Reset button, spectacular crashes are harmless and just part of the fun.


As RF simulator owners know, programs for newly created models including the ORCA 2012 named ORCA_HM_EA, can be downloaded free from the internet. After weeks of simulator flying, Harley says “At 92, I thought I was done flying. Now I’m having more fun flying than ever & repairs are never needed!”


Support for ORCA builders is about as good as it gets. If you have problems or questions after first reviewing his very thorough Assembly Instructions and related pictures, Harley welcomes e-mail at


Click on the PDF miniature plans below. Read the related document listed below about viewing/printing areas full size. If you stick to the Assembly Instructions, Harley claims that even a first time builder with only basic tools can build a respectable looking ORCA that handles and performs well.


Orca Materials List - Update 9-2-13
Making Your Own Orca Cams - Update 2-24-13
Wringing Out Your Orca - Update 1-20-13

Click on thumbnail for full size plans

Click here to download the AG52 & AG54 Airfoil Coordinates

Greg Potter is offering a short kit for the Orca. Here is a link to Greg's web site -