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Genie Line of Sailplanes
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General Genie Information

Genie Adobe Acrobat Files   -  Note regarding the photos in the files below:  Most of the pictures are clear at 100%, but some are sharper at 75% or 125%. Use the (-) and (+) buttons to adjust the page size.

Genie Construction Files

Other Miscellaneous Files

            Duane Beck - updated 04-30-09


Harley Michaelis
A self-taught modeler and scratch-builder since age 8, Harley is an active retiree involved with the R/C sailplane since the mid 1960’s. Along the way, Harley developed the all-internal Rotary
Driver System method of actuating flaps and ailerons...and now the RDS System has been updated in 2010.

Full Size Genie Plans