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The New, All Internal, Generation 2, USA Made RDS

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Generation 2 RDS
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The USA Made G2 System!

The Advanced Universal Version of the RDS for use in all kinds and sizes of Radio Control Aircraft.

Look! Nothing hangs out of the top or bottom of my wing!


RDS MISSION: "To make wings of RC aircraft clean, stealthy, more beautiful and without the parasitic drag of external hardware, to perform at their maximum aerodynamic potential". Review The Logic of RDS.


MECHANICS: A molded “Coupler” fastens to the output gear. A “Drive Shaft” with end bent extends into a “Pocket” in the hinged surface. As the servo rotates, the surface deflects. G2 parts are available from modeler-machinist Walt Dimick, dba IRF Machine Works, Inc.


THE G2 SYSTEM: Exclusive parts source is IRF Machine Works, Inc. owned by modeler-machinist Walt Dimick  - Use the Pre-Ordering Work Sheet, as a reference to help with decisions about your order. Use the Pre-Order information to help you order on the IRF website which will require your name, address, figured in shipping amount, and payment method.


Click on these blue links to get into the G2 System Installation Instructions - USA-made RDSand Related RDS Pictures and Drawings.


Do an installation sticking to these very detailed instructions and it will become routine like everything else you once didn’t know how to do. The first drawing shows installation in a typical ARF wing.  It would be more convenient if the opening extended a bit beyond the coupler, something to anticipate in future ARF’s made with RDS installation in mind. Mounting servos between rails makes it easy to disconnect coupler from servo or shaft from coupler by sliding them apart ”.